Grammar Lettering


I am an Instructional Designer and writer, as well as a graphic designer. I am really enjoying the Editors on my team right now and decided to let them know this by turning some of their editorial comments and gentle reminders into hand lettered posters. Here is the first one.

Compounds formed with prefixes are spelled closed [i.e without a dash – took me a bit to figure that out] unless they create double identical vowels or triple identical consonants. – Helen O’Guinn

This one spoke to me for 2 reasons: I was curious as to why they removed some dashes and not others in my documents, and then it took me some puzzling to figure out what Helen was trying to tell me here. When the aha moment happened, I knew it was worthy of it’s own wall space.

Primitive Treasures


Farm Scene – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge 1943

Our own Grandma Moses: My Dad’s oldest sister was born in the early 1920s. I spent today going through and scanning some treasures her daughter shared with me – drawings made on found paper. It caused me to wonder a lot about my aunt who died when I was in 5th grade. She was the oldest of 10 and her art and photography has been quite the revelation of a creative young woman with a love for her family and the details of life.

1943 Dec Night Before Christmas

Night Before Christmas – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge 1943

1945 Attic

The Attic – graphite – Mildred Burge 1945

1948 Oct In the Rockies

The Rockies – graphite and crayon – Midred Burge 1948

My aunt seemed to be inspired by her travels, Christmas, and lots of detail.

1950 Jan-24

Farm Country Scene – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge 1950

Farm Scene 2-pencil-crayon

Farm Scene – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge date unknown

1969 Jan-11

Farm Scene – graphiite – Mildred Burge 1969

1969 Jan-6 Farm crayon-pencil

Countryside Scene – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge 1969

1964 Feb 22I

Mountain Valley – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge 1950

1950 Oct-17

Large Barn Scene – graphite – Mildred Burge 1950

I find myself becoming lost in the details of life in the mid 1900s. It is like an eye spy page -the more I look, the more details I find! Very interesting.



What does an artist do when she blows 2 tires on her new car and her sister and family, Sunday soup in hand, come riding to the rescue in their clunkety van? She draws a thank you!


Note: Coup Fourre is a reference to a rescue card in the game of Mille Bornes, which the kids insisted would have helped me a lot. I told them that they were my coup fourre.



Their unabashed joy in the whole situation made it not so bad. A month later, their poor van gave up the ghost itself, but it was useful for several family rescues over the years.


Note: It has only been recently that I learned to illustrate. Much thanks to a class I took during my graphic design degree. Thank you, Jacob!

Annual Family Calendar


Every year for the past 13 I have created a family calendar. It is a 13 month calendar since I normally do not finish it until January – that would be because of all the Christmas orders and the busy holiday season. This year was a bit different in that I received a stack of ornament orders at the end of December, but I somehow managed to complete my calendar before the end of the month! Yay!

I kept it simple this year:

  • I used some of the photography of one of my sister-in-laws, as well as my own. She and my brother are around the farm at different times of the day and year than I am and she captures some great pictures.
  • With 23 nieces and nephews – I pulled from this past year’s images and created a sepia closeup of each.
  • I added a scripture per month.
  • 19×13 inch matte 2-sided photo paper.
  • HP large format printer

DSC_0005-001 DSC_0007-001 DSC_0008-001 DSC_0011-001 DSC_0012-001 DSC_0013-001 DSC_0015-001