Book List


I am going to begin keeping a book list, if for no other reason than to encourage myself to work my way through my reading list. If I like the book and think it is worthy of a read, I will provide a link (click on the book title.)


  1. The Real James Herriot – grew up on his books but never read his son’s book! Loved it and love the man. This of course, got me back into reading the set of books, starting with his Dog Stories. But I also purchased the Yorkshire photo books. Sweet! Great way to start out the year.
  2. Crucial Conversations – Stephen Covey et al
  3. Hand Lettering Ledger – Mary Kate McDevitt – love her work! This is like a workbook, but while I am reading it, I am not writing in it. It is too beautiful!


  1. NIV Archealogical Bible – slowly working my way through this
  2. My Utmost for His Highest – daily devotional
  3. Trim Healthy Mama – health reference book
  4. Born to Blog – Even with years of blogging, I learned from this book
  5. The One Thing – inspirational!
  6. The Complete Father Brown Series – light mysteries by GK Chesterton
  7. Too Big to Ignore – Big Data – easy read and great info
  8. Cool Infographics – associated web link
  9. The Golden Ratio – the Divine Number
  10. Lettering & Type by Willen and Strals – a guide to letterforms
  11. Hand Lettering Ledger by McDevitt – beautiful and instructional workbook
  12. Vintage Type and Graphics by Heller and Fili – has a cd with all the vintage images from 1896-1936!
  13. Tolkien – rewatched the movies and then delved back into the books. Even purchased a few I did not have like the Silmarillion. I originally read that in high school.

My reading wish list on Pinterest (and this does not include my Big Data/Social Media/Infographic list.) I have a lot I want to get through.

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