The 1990s

In 1989 I moved to the big city of Indianapolis … it was a tough time for me in so many ways, mostly as an artist.  Working full time, and often over time, in a new and hostile big business world, was probably the biggest hindrance to my art.  At one point I quit fighting it and by the end of the millinium, I had lost my way.  It wasn’t that I quit creating… I just turned to things that made me feel good and that I could give as gifts (in other words… they made people happy.)

However, before I hit the wall, some interesting things happened.  I had sold my work in local stores, had some miniatures at the Eiteljorg Museum gift shop, and even had a few pieces in a gallery in Indy. 

One year I sold my reverse glass oil and ink art at the Broadripple Art Fair, a juried event.  Below is an example of that type of art.

However, at the same time I was working and having a hard time adjusting to the left brain world I was in, I took some watercolor classes at the Art League, one oil class at Herron (a very disappointing experience!) and learned how to work with stained glass.

I was a lost artist …

My final large oil which I named “Integrity” was a very spiritual expirience for me.  It was the first big breakthrough where my art took me someplace vs. me taking my art … I did not touch a large oil for over 20 years after that.  I credit my fine art instructor, Jacob Dobson, at the Art Institute for re-igniting my passion for oils in 2012.


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