The 2000s Arizona Pottery Restoration

I stepped briefly into a world combining my loves of art, Arizona Native American history, and archeology when I got a gig restoring 1000 year old Native American pottery.  This is something I could do forever, I think, because I lose myself in dreams of that original person who made this piece and then used it and discarded it. 

I would get a box or bag of pieces and it was my job to put them back together (using museum quality restoration techniques).  Sometimes that meant filling in the gaps with clay and molding the shape.  Often, it was my job to paint the clay to match the original, giving it a seamless appearance.  All of this had to be documented, of course.

This only lasted a short time; however, since my connection moved back to Arizona and decided he wanted to concentrate on textile restoration. 

It was fun while it lasted! 

  • Fabric Arts (Quilting)
  • Airbrushing
  • Miniatures
  • Children’s Illustration
  • Squangles – children’s furniture
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