Photography Class – 1st Assignment

My expensive Canon G6 that has given me so many wonderful photos for the past 5 years did not pass with the instructor, so Lainey took me over to Roberts and we got a whole new setup.  I had always said if I learned how to used digital, I was going to buy a Rebel.  I am now the thrilled owner of a Canon Rebel T1i.  It was scary at first, but in no time it was feeling like my old Canon film SLR that was like an extension of my arm for so many years.

1st Assignment – 10 specific shots and angles – it was such fun!  Here are a few examples… (and the flower is an extreme closeup of the flower with an ant inside it, if you look close.  I had to keep squeezing the stem of the flower to get the ant to come out as it kept disappearing deep inside.)

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