Health Care Logos

Corporate Identity is the class I learned the most in.  It is probably my favorite of the quarter also, but don’t rate that too highly… I did not like my other 3 classes at all. 

Our next set of logos came about when we drew a topic out of a “hat” (Beth loves doing this to us… the anticipation of which dire topic you are going to receive can nearly cause a stroke, and since I mouthed off about it, she made me wait until LAST!) 

My topic was Health, which was not nearly as bad as the quarter I pulled a clippy out of the hat, or worse, the Greek diety, Eros! <Note: some things will never be forgotten.> 

I was still struggling with the software and wanting to play with my wacom, so I got dinged for thin lines.  Another B… I am not “A” quality, but if I have learned anything in these design courses it is to  “accept the situation”. 

My fellow students are always so sweet and supportive, which I appreciate, because their work looks so slick.  They also keep encouraging me with the software struggles.

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