Word and Letter Marks

This project was about learning how to create a wordmark and a lettermark using a fellow student’s name.  We had to find out what type of company the student would like to have and then use their name / initials to create the business logos.

The most pleasurable portion of this project was pairing up with Alex, who is fairly new to the Indy AI campus.  You will see Alex’s name show up on my video class work, since we also partnered in that class.  Alex’s business choice was a specialty ice cream shop, so I turned his lettermark into a stylized ice cream scoop.

Lettermark (A and an O)


Beth is teaching us to design first in black and white and then change it to a two color logo.  Only the black and white are included here since they give you a good idea. 

I used my wacom to hand render the lettering and was still struggling with the software (Adobe Illustrator) since I had not used it over 4 months.  That was a real hinderance to the creative flow.  I am still learning this whole online creativity “thing”.  Computers and drawing is such a new concept for me!

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