Three weeks in programming class were spent in the 3D world of Canegie-Mellon’s program called Alice.  It was interesting, but honestly, I was working hard to keep up.  Being a hands on artist and having grown up before the era of 3D gaming, etc. much of this is taking some getting used to.

This was the project I made for this course:  basically the cat meows, which startles the cow, who kicks the chicken, who is caught by the scarecrow, scaring a frog into leaping causing the chicken to fly off the screen.  The cat, scared by all the ruckus, runs to the barn, which opens as he arrives.  I did this with my nieces and nephews in mind.

All because of a cat’s meow…

The only thing that saved me in this class is the 100% I got on most of the tests.  I understood the concepts, executing them was a bit more tricky but I pulled off an A for the final grade.

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