End of Quarter

This quarter ended with a >bang<.  It is hard to even capture it and convey the energy of the moment.  On Tuesday I gave my presentation for Corporate ID and sighed in unmitigated relief to have my standards manual completed and off my hands.  Now it was up to Beth to do the grading.  At this point, I did not even care what happened. 

 That evening my inbox contained a request to bring examples of my work to an interview the next day. I have a random portfolio of my writing, but wow… I could take this finished and bound standards manual!  With a promise to return it promptly, Beth allowed me to borrow it prior to my interview.

That turned out to be the most exciting interview / networking opportunity I have had in years!  I went in expecting the standard writing discussion (for a full-time Roche project) and came out 2 hours later on fire and wanting to work for this comapny.  When they saw my work they were really interested, but when the standards manual was pulled out, it tipped the scale over to excitement.  However, as a full time student, I turned down the opportunity of a full-time gig.  Maybe in the future!

It was such a fantastic experience that various people told me I was “glowing” throughout the remainder of the day!  I rode that wave for weeks!  My final in video class that night did not even phase me, I was so “high”.

That following Friday Lainey and Charlotte took me out to Petersons to celebrate survival and Saturday was spent at our extended Garvin Reunion in Hagerstown.  It was wonderful to see everyone, but  my sister, Mattie, and family from Ohio was a special treat.  I had not seen Kara for some time and she has turned into a doll!  She certainly captured her Aunt Sheri’s heart!!!

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