I am so “there”…

There comes a point in nearly every student’s college career where they want to quit or they start questioning their decision on their degree program.  At the end of last quarter and through break I was so burnt out.  I was so “there”!

Now, 2 weeks into the new quarter I am settling in and the quarter is very manageable.  Burnout has subsided.  However, I am seriously considering whether Web Design is the right choice.  That is my new “there”… and I am sooooo there!

It is very frustrating, because my soul feels very right brain (creative), yet my left brain argues against it (and I am skilled enough with the left brain tasks that it is a strong argument.)

Try this creativity test from The Art Institute

I am a “cusp” child and I cusp even on these tests.  I was born on the cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarus, I was born on the cusp of baby boomers/Generation X.  On both of these I lean forward to the second option.  On the brain tests, if there is any leaning, it is to the creative right brain.

I am one mixed up, yet very versatile and complex gal… sometimes it is loads of fun, but at other times it is a real pain!  Trying to decide on my next career path, that is a pain.

One thought on “I am so “there”…

  1. “Mixed up” is a term that often is brought up when you try to compare who you are against those vague but persistent “should be’s” that seem to float around like phantom facts in our world.

    Perhaps you are not mixed up. Perhaps the world is.

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