Loss, Sorrow, and Renewed Hope

This was the quarter that stretched my emotions in all directions.

From the beginning, allergies hit quickly and very hard, causing some scary moments. The remainder of the quarter was spent identifying and clearing my system of these sensitivities. Evening classes were the most challenging, specifically in a classroom that was stuffy hot with little circulation.

A few weeks into the quarter I was diagnosed with a wheat sensitivity (gluten / gliadin), which contributes to the multiple sensitivities that I have been battling. This upended my eating schedule as we also began a candida cleanse in order to calm my over-reactive immune system. By the end of the quarter, I was getting into the routine, but it was quite the struggle. Lainey and Charlotte stepped up and helped in so many ways that made it possible to stay on such a strict diet while attending school and concentrating on homework.

As if that were not enough, my beloved companion and sweet, sweet kitty became sick one night. The next day she was diagnosed with acute kidney failure and she had to be put down right then to end her suffering. Outside of the loss of friend or family member, this was the hardest loss I have ever experienced. The fact that it was so sudden (she was only 14 years old and seemed quite healthy), added to my stress.

This quarter definitely goes down as my most difficult on an emotional level. The renewal of hope is that all this dietary work will end in a lessening of the sensitivities and better health all around.

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