Where are my reverse glass artists?

Still looking for someone who has experience creating reverse glass painting with ink and oils. Also found some old photos, which make for a great TBT (throw back Thursday).

Below: Table at the Broadripple Art Fair which happens every year at the Indianapolis Arts Center. This was during my Native American phase.

026 No Writing (photopaper Jan 94)


Close up of one (date is 1993).  I placed them with a shadow box type of backing so that the oil was not up against the matte board. This added shadows and depth.

025 No writing (Photopaper Jan 94)

2 thoughts on “Where are my reverse glass artists?

  1. When I was in AZ recently there was one artist that specialized in the reverse painting….beautiful works! Unfortunately I didn’t get the name….birch trees were outstanding! I have nada….so I can’t be of much help. I was just so excited to come upon a new easel, a desk top/ floor/ outside model, with paints, brushes and large stretched canvas included! Also a set of large tubes of water colors, with brushes, and a Bob Ross set with oils, brushes, instructions video…all for $41. Gloriana spotted all this at an estate sale as her and her husband go quite frequently….They find amazing deals Having yard sale this weekend and going to get back outside. So glad Ted was home two days this week and again today as he’s been quite a help…and he had things of his own he wanted to sell. Late in the year, but can’t complain. Met some lovely Christians today, and from this area….and also a couple from KY! Very nice … a pleasantry….which makes it worthwhile, as I don’t like yard selling. But praise the Lord for the beautiful weather; perfect! God bless….Alethea

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