Taming the Dragon


I am learning, as I open myself up to more spontaneous illustrations, that I never know where it will take me. It scares me sometimes, yet the time is right. There is this desire to expand that must be satisfied.


When the business blogger sent me an article called Taming the Multitasking Dragon, it only made sense to have a busy dragon. In the end, I left him to stand on his own, no extras, but along the way I learned that researching dragons was not that easy. I mean – no one has actually seen a dragon!


You can look up vintage dragons, you can look up current art on dragons, but in the end, you can do whatever you want with a dragon. I also reviewed bats wings, goats faces, eagle’s talons. The tail was a mix of reptile, squirrel and imagination.

Somehow he ended up pregnant looking, but that was ok. One observer really wanted to just “poke that fat belly.” Yeah – you try that! He has fire!




2 thoughts on “Taming the Dragon

  1. But he’s such a cute dragon! I felt like he should be smiling…doing a belly roll of laughter! I tamed the dragons and now I’m fat and sassy as can be…no more fire breathing multi-tasking dragon for me! I’m free….And when the works all done I will have some fun rolling and a-kicking in the noonday sun! Couldn’t resist, besides that, when I’m tired I get quite silly, so this dragon is just right for the moment. Thanks for sharing. Love it! Alethea

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