5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. When I was in Tucson in Sept/Oct I was working with my grandson who’s into the sketching of animals, and very good at it too, to encourage him….I chose to do a horse and he was doing a bear. He doesn’t take critical comment very good, so he did his picture but was critical of his own drawing…..I took my sketch back with me on the recent visit, thinking I’d have time to work on it again and he’d have time to do some drawing with me, but time got away with many other things so it didn’t happen, but I was able to encourage him. I had a book that was purchased for my granddaughter Jenna that had an illustration of coyotes and I showed him that and told him to compare that with what he has done….he could be an illustrator already. He has been drawing since 5th grade or before, has improved a lot, and will be in 9th grade next year. I know he’s done other sketches since Oct., but he didn’t show us any new work. I’ll continue to encourage and when I get my sketch, which has been transferred to canvas, painted with oils I’ll try to post so you can see my work. I haven’t done any painting in so many years, but have received new paints this holiday and came home from Tucson with all the other art supplies I had stashed there…..now it’s the time factor. We arrived home Saturday evening, unloaded with the help of my daughter and son-in-law, and I spent Sunday morning sorting everything so I could pass out the gifts I brought back for everyone and the extras I came home with at our son’s who hosted the family Christmas yesterday. Today I have much to do to sort out still and put away and then Leah’s picking me up at noon so I can be with her when we put our beloved Rigbee Jane down, unless the Lord sees fit to allow her to pass w/o going through that. That’s our prayer as this dog is so loved because she’s been such a devoted and loving pet…..we are just basket cases….and I’m sure you’ve had to do the same with pets….anyone who has knows the feeling. My nephew in Gilbert AZ shared with me when I was in AZ that he and his wife had to put their great Dane, Ringo, to sleep and how the vet who came to the house to do that for them and share doggy stories with them also made a cast of the Ringo’s paw print. So I bought clay and sent it home with Leah yesterday so we can do the same with Rigbee Jane prints….a tearful farwell to be sure, but thought the print idea was a good one. I prayed for this dog twice; once several years back when she was at death’s door in AZ and the Lord healed her and again recently when she collapsed when I was house sitting for Leah, and I left her laying on the ground as I rushed back to the house to get a towel to swab her down in hopes she would be able to make it back home from the walk we were on. I hurried back to the house almost at a run, and kept praying in the Name of Jesus the whole time, asking him to spare this dog on my watch, and when I got back to the kitchen door, there stood Rigbee Jane, quietly waiting for me, as if to say “What took you so long?” She didn’t appear tired and there was no little weedy things on her fur. The only way she had to get back to the house was either through the pasture of tall weeds or up a steep hill on the opposite side of the path I was on, which was quite a walk, and she wasn’t even moving when I left her on the path. I will never know how she got there, but figured it was on angel wings, but I had a shouting time when I saw her and I’m sure the angels round about had a good time watching me praising, hugging and exclaiming my thanks to the Lord for answering my prayer. But now her body is weak, worn and tired and deformed by the sufferings of disease, so it’s time. The only reason the kids hadn’t put her down already was to wait for me to be home. Leah wanted me with them. My precious child who shares so much of my heartaches but also our joys. I’m so blessed. I must get things done before she gets here. I was praying the icey conditions wouldn’t hinder our travel today as she’s quite a ways from here (an hour drive for her job) and thankful the Lord answered that prayer too as it’s not so great out but main roads are OK and nothing worsening until much later today and possible conditions bad in the morning….and I do need to go out tomorrow, but it should be fine for driving by the time I have to go out. GOd is so good. We had good visit and wonderful time in AZ…..I miss them all but when I saw that little granddaughter light up when she saw me and come running, and hugging me and not even allowing me two hands to get my boots off as she held the other and was just rubbing her little cheek on it so lovingly, it just brought me so much joy. When we hold these little ones, and they take those precious hands of love and hold our faces between them and look us in the eyes and speak so sweet, “granma, am I going to stay over a long night with you now. Will I be in the tallest house? (Our house is the tallest on this street) Will I get to play in the attic?” That’s her playroom and my art space too and also a big bed if we tire and need a nap! So we’ll have an attic day…..hiding out from the world just us two buddies enjoying the love and play time! Now what can beat that? (OF course I miss the boys out west too, but so glad to have al ittle one close by.) Take care my friend…..hope to see you sometime this year. With love and appreciation for you…..Sis Alethea

    • You are busy as always, I see! Yes I have had to make the decision about many a pet and it always wrecks me up. Weirdly we had to have our parakeet put to sleep a week ago. Poor guy. Usually my birds die on their own but he was having liver problems evidenced with a beak that kept growing to where he couldn’t eat. In 3 weeks time it would grow crazy. I never like having to make that decision. May your hearts find peace!

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