Inktober – Day 2 Suit

“Chickadees look like they are wearing little suits,” Charlotte exclaimed earlier this week as she watched our favorite little birds at our feeders. I knew then that was perfect for today. I used one of her photos as my source file. What a great example of one of the sweetest daily joys in my world.

So this morning I was thinking about how I wanted to render this (with a broad brush, as it turned out) when I heard a thump on the livingroom window. Ugh. Not yet out of bed and a bird hits the window. I padded out to look through the window over the tell tale shoulder of my cat as she stared intently down on the deck below where she was seated. Ugh again, a chickadee?!!

No way. Not today!

And they never hit the windows (which have film and stickers on them to stop this mistaken behavior.)

It was laying on its side and I was sure it was dead, then I realized that its little body was panting. Unlocking the back door, I slipped out hoping the neighbors were not noticing my jammies, and picked it up, sniffling. Carrying it tenderly inside, I put it into a dark shoe box, which is best for this type of injury, and said a prayer.

This was not the day for this, I thought sourly.

For the next 2 hours I went about the business of the morning and also threw open all the windows in hope that the little fella’s last hours were at least full of normal life sounds.

When I finally went to check on his status, having not heard a sound, I realize a miracle had occurred!

I did not even get his box lid open (back out on the deck) 2 inches before he had zipped out so fast I only saw a blur. A happy little bird, flying as straight as a bouncy little chickadee can fly. Thank you, Jesus!

Hope and Healing! A perfect moment for the both of us this morning.

And then I inked my picture full of much joy.

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