A Flash Portfolio

This quarter was all about coding and designing websites!  Made for a very technical quarter, which was an odd experience after a year concentrating on design.  I have been learning a lot of software, but coding somehow made me feel like I was back in business college or working on one of my jobs! 

I actually enjoyed using Flash once I spent time with the tutorials.  It is easier than html/css, but can be just as frustrating when you can’t find that dilatory “.” or “,”!  It can also do some weird and wacky things with no explanation and there were horror stories of Flash projects not working or crashing.  That makes the heart drop!  I was saving extra copies all over the place!

Here is my final portfolio site (remember… again, it was about hitting the requirements and creating as little pain for myself as possible.  Also… I don’t like transitions too well, so I did not use them.)

Oh…by the way, there is an “Easter egg” in this… meaning a hidden link.  Can you find it?

Click here for the working site!

The home page... and go from there!