Sweet Lily Girl

I put out a call to my Facebook friends for pets to practice my line work and inkwash on this year. I was planning to pull out of a hat, lottery style, but I could not do it. How can we reject any of these precious pets? Fortunately the submissions were manageable and I have been working on these Inktober submissions until all are done. Here is the final one and rounds out 2022 on a lovely note.

I chose to do more line and a large brush wash on her.

Sweet Lily appeared on an ornament commission a few years ago! It was fun to revisit her cute face in another medium.

First Round of Ornaments

First Round of Ornaments

This was the year for one customer to order ornaments for her kids and their spouses. The theme was from the country song “The House that Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. There is also a new house purchased last year in this mix.

I took this first round of orders in stages and it seemed to go faster. Mark up, blocking the layout, laying down the first layers, then finalizing.