Inktober Day 14 – Tick

Did you know the opossum is our little vacuum cleaners in nature? They can eat 10k-12k ticks in a month. Be kind to these gentle creatures.

This little fella was placed in rehab when he fell off his mama’s back. Opossums do not go searching for their young so when they fall off, they are on their own.

A couple of places I love who rehab opossums:
IN – Humane Indiana Wildlife
OK – Wild Heart Ranch

Inktober – Day 6 Spirit

Blue Zeus

Over the past year, Skydog Sanctuary (and their many supporters) have been working hard to pull this gorgeous stallion out of the kill pens out West (yeah, horrible and sad stuff), and they finally did it.

But then they went one further and searched and found his band of mares and foals. It was not easy, and once they had them, they slowly built them back up physically and helped them acclimate to their new lands.

Last week they united Blue Zeus with his band in a wonderful, much anticipated reunion. This wonderful band will now run their new hills for the rest of their lives, supported through the stewardship of Skydog Ranch.

The spirit of these magnificent animals is amazing and the spirit of Blue Zeus and his mares during all of this frightful chaos has been a source of hope and healing for me.

Good people doing good things – look for the helpers!

Note: This guy will reappear in watercolor before the month is over, I bet! I am thinking he is going on my wall, this situation has been such an inspiration that there are good people out there fighting for the right things and making a difference to lives.