Drawing & Perspective

My least favorite class is Drawing & Perspective.  I am just not thrilled with graphite as a medium, but I do understand the need to grasp the concepts of perspective, shading, light sources, value, etc.  And I am re-learning how to use multiple pencils.

And smudging pencil lead makes me nauseous.  Bet you did not know that!  What is funny, I was working on a drawing at my Mom’s house today and using the smudging tool.  She commented that she did not know how I could even stand to do that…it made her sick just watching me.  That made me laugh.  Guess the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree, eh?

Still Life - Ancient Pottery Restoration

Still Life - Ancient Pottery Restoration

One thought on “Drawing & Perspective

  1. Nice. Would like to be able to do that. Had taken a brief class at Morris doing the smudging. To do it right, lots of practice, AND MORE PRACTICE.

    Some day Lord willing. Your reaction and Judy’s I find unexpected.

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