Drawing Final – Another Florida Picture

Ok…still dreaming of Florida!!!  This time it is of the restaraunt we ate at in Naples called Sea Salt.  This place is amazing.  98 different salts of which you get 4 to sample with the hors d’oevres.  

Anyway, we enjoyed it on Sat. prior to heading to the airport in Ft. Meyer.

PS: Got an A+ and the teacher said I made a good choice in my drawing subject.  (All I know is that I was bored stiff drawing buildings and boring rooms.)


The food…mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm…  (and NO we did not eat the fries, although we tried them and they were wonderful too.)  We actually ate very healthy all week because Lainey cooked breakfast and lunch every day at the condo before we headed out to go on eco tours.  Lots of fruits and salads with shrimp.  I love having a gourmet cook on vacation with me!!!  (My mom tells me I am so spoiled…is that a bad thing?)


Drawing – Marco Island

8 days on vacation during a college quarter can do weird things to your pleasure trip.  I spent a lot of time doing homework.  The odd part of that was, it was mostly my drawing homework and we were off for Labor Day for that class.  I should not have had so much to do for it.  But I did.


  • 3 point perspective building
  • Extra Credit (2 point perspective)

3 point perspective: Our condo building with reduced detail.

Teacher loved this one and really felt I nailed it. I told her (this was at the in class critique) that I kept hearing her voice in my head “Make it darker, I want to see dark!” and “Adding that is too distracting” (so I removed some tiki huts etc.)  The class laughed and she said “Oh no… I am in your head!”  But I guess it worked because this was an A+.



Extra credit: On the veranda by the pool.

I got full credit for this one (which is good since I forgot to bring in part of my assignment for this week) and the teacher requested permission to place this on the wall outside the classroom for the next quarter.  Of course I accepted!  That is an honor.

Here are my two locations for doing this work… I love this “studio!!!” Can I have one (or both?!!!)




Remember that Drawing class I think is so boring? It got a little more interesting this week when the teacher introduced the technical aspects of drawing ellipses.  Who knew?  Or rather… I really don’t recall ever learning about this but I bet I did…surely!  I got to use my new compass.  Woo hoo…


These things are NOT easy.  And technical drawing is not fun for a fine arts artist.  And another thought… why didn’t they teach us in high school that math and geometry was going to be important for an artist throughout their life?  I totally skipped geometry thinking I would never use it.  How crazy is that?

Oh…I got a B on these because I messed up one of the elipses…ha!  Told you they were not easy!  If you look at the “cup”, the bottom elipse is not in the same perspective as the top.   Some other students had the same thing happen…we follow the instructions and still miss the boat.

Perspective Drawing

1 point and 2 point perspective is something understandable.  3 point was a refresher…I never use that in my current art, but it was all pretty basic stuff.

Homework was to create a room in 1 point and 2 point perspective.  We also sat in the hallway and rooms for several hours drawing.   I will add some photos when I remember to take pictures.  (Remember…I don’t find this topic all that inspirational so I tend to turn in the homework without photographing it.)

This is me working in my outdoor office…my absolute favorite location for drawing! Not only is our garden serene and lovely, but the natural light can’t be beat. Well…other than it changes in the evening and I have found myself drawing in the dwindling light.


Drawing & Perspective

My least favorite class is Drawing & Perspective.  I am just not thrilled with graphite as a medium, but I do understand the need to grasp the concepts of perspective, shading, light sources, value, etc.  And I am re-learning how to use multiple pencils.

And smudging pencil lead makes me nauseous.  Bet you did not know that!  What is funny, I was working on a drawing at my Mom’s house today and using the smudging tool.  She commented that she did not know how I could even stand to do that…it made her sick just watching me.  That made me laugh.  Guess the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree, eh?

Still Life - Ancient Pottery Restoration

Still Life - Ancient Pottery Restoration