Halleluiah, they found God!

Math or anything with numbers freaks me out, pretty much.  I did like algebra because it was like solving a puzzle, but math was a total mystery and quite scary.  (Which is funny since my first college experience was pushing towards an accounting degree…duh!)

Anyway…during the Mondrian discussion (see my post below this one), we also learned about the Golden Ratio and the irrational mathematical constant called phi (.618), and I found it utterly fascinating.  Made me wish I were one of those intellectual types.  I want to learn more about it!!!

What really impacted me, though, was the whole concept of how phi and the Fibonacci Series mimics algorithms in nature (for example the nautilus spiral.)  We also touched on the perfect square and how you can keep adding squares to themselves and they create golden rectangles.

OK…so I have totally lost some of you…never fear… I am sitting lost with you. But I am telling you, I nearly had myself a halleluiah moment right there in class when I popped my hand up, all excited, and asked, “So you are saying that phi is possibly the numerical expression of perfection?”  And the teacher said, “Yes!”

God… and once again they have found God!  And my teacher thought to tell me about it!

Besides finding God, again, you can also use this in more mundane pursuits such as building cabinetry, buildings, automobiles, art, and even music! … essentially any design… to create perfect proportions.  Just take the original golden rectangle (no matter where it is located) and multiply or divide it by phi (.618) and your porportions will be perfect and aesthetically pleasing every time.

Sometime I will study more on this, but for now, I was just thrilled to be introduced to another aspect of the Creator and the Perfection in which He has created all things!

[PS – Alt spelling for the title is Hallelujah.  Just in case you happen to be a “j” speller.]

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