Photography homework:

Tool: Rebel T1i EOS 500D
Setting: Manual – metered for the rich sky coloration

We were to take a panorama and then either put it together in Photoshop or physically print up to 7 pictures and paste them to a backing.

I chose Mom’s farm (my childhood stomping grounds). After several tries with lighting (all photos were suspposed to have the same exposure which was hard because of the trees), I obtained an exposure that really showed the clouds off and still kept a rich color going on.

The professor said it had nice coloring with a faded, old world look to it.  Hmmm…Mom just painted her fence.  I am not sure she will be thrilled about that faded comment.  I think he meant how the lighting caused the whole picture to appear.  [Note: we were to turn it in with the edges showing so I am leaving it like that here. There is one missing on the right side, but it won’t all fit here.]

I had fun with this and it gives me good feelings.

Panorama blog

Update: Grade is 100% and the teacher said he showed it around!  Funny how something I think is just ok will actually impress the teacher.  Other times, I think something is cool and I miss the boat.  As my teachers often say… “It is all subjective.”

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