Sunflower, Goodmorning!

Design:  Abstraction 4 Step Process – Take a photo and create 3 abstracts. The 3rd abstract must be so abstract that it does not look like the original photo, but the other 2 must show how it is related.

My sunflowers were chosen as the subject because they seriously needed to be commemorated this year.  I had fought chipmunks and puppies to get them to this point and they are gorgeous.

My biggest challenge on this one was to pick the photo out of hundreds.  Finally, I went and took a few more…then narrowed it down to 2.  This was so much fun I did this on 2 different photos.

After spending time and a lot of paint and paper to create the 4th image, I opted to keep things simple and use photoshop as my tool.  It was really fun playing with photoshop to do these renderings.

The first set of 4 was interesting and I really liked it a lot so that is what I turned in.  The second set was another option that I liked a lot.

What I turned in:  The original photo was taken on a foggy morning, thus making the colors and background sort of flat.  I like that but the teacher, Scott, said that made it almost abstract from the beginning.

As it turns out, it was not exactly what he wanted.  Sometimes I have to double check what Scott says.  I love his class, but sometimes my notes and the gal next to me are saying opposite things!  I am sure we are both hearing what we noted.  It is all in how he phrases things.  Usually I am the one who is right…this time I was not.

I think that second option of 4 might have served the purpose better as it more directly shows a progression to the abstraction…thus I include it here as the “road not taken”.

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