Drawing Final – Another Florida Picture

Ok…still dreaming of Florida!!!  This time it is of the restaraunt we ate at in Naples called Sea Salt.  This place is amazing.  98 different salts of which you get 4 to sample with the hors d’oevres.  

Anyway, we enjoyed it on Sat. prior to heading to the airport in Ft. Meyer.

PS: Got an A+ and the teacher said I made a good choice in my drawing subject.  (All I know is that I was bored stiff drawing buildings and boring rooms.)


The food…mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm…  (and NO we did not eat the fries, although we tried them and they were wonderful too.)  We actually ate very healthy all week because Lainey cooked breakfast and lunch every day at the condo before we headed out to go on eco tours.  Lots of fruits and salads with shrimp.  I love having a gourmet cook on vacation with me!!!  (My mom tells me I am so spoiled…is that a bad thing?)


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