Kissing the Face of God

Photography Final

  • Find a picture of a painting – has to have a person in it
  • Get it approved by the prof (I forgot that, but thankfully he approved it since I had already taken the photos)
  • Duplicate the painting in photos, paying special attention to the lighting (most important piece.)

I had a fun thought to use my brother and one of the gals with American Gothic, but the lighting looked like it needed to be a morning light and timing just wasn’t working out for that.  Check out my friend, Rachel’s, version of this painting!

So…many thoughts later I suddenly had an epiphany of doing the Madonna and Child.  After much online searching, I fell in love with Kissing the Face of God – by Morgan Weistling

kissingfacegod morgon weistling

With the wonderful help of my sister-in-law, Theresa, and my brand new niece, Abigail, we produced the following for my photography final:

Tools: Canon Rebel T1i EOS 500D, single light source on tripod, camera on tripod
Location: Inner hallway with no outside light source
Manual setting: ISO 200 / F 5.0 / Speed 1.6 / FL 41.0 / manual white balance
Photo manipulation: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Photography Final JPG 2 for web

Peer feedback was all really positive, with some comments that the position was not exact (that has to do with not wanting to wake the baby and moving fast! So I knew that one would be a hit I would have to take.)  Many of them stressed that they really liked the painting choice, which was fun to hear.

I think my greatest challenges centered around my inexperience with using a model (but Theresa was a sweetie!), wanting to move quickly, and then photoshop is NOT a pleasure to work with (for me) just yet.  However, I really enjoyed setting up the photo shoot!

6 thoughts on “Kissing the Face of God

  1. I really like the painting and you did a wonderful job of recreating in a photo. I can see already I will have to keep up with this blog, or I am going to miss out on some really great ‘stuff’. God uses that word! I love seeing how your creative talents are put to use and it is still an inspiration to me. Teresa and Steve have such beautiful children.

  2. Yes, you definately need to keep up with my blog!!! As far as this piece, I also love that painting! And of course, the subjects are much loved! Wasn’t Theresa a real trooper to do this for me?

    A lot of love went into working on this project. Very different feelings than when working on recreating a piece of fabric in photoshop. I know this is probably obvious, but working with a subject I love makes a huge difference into the time I will spend on a project.

  3. Wow Sheri, I can’t begin to describe the depth of admiration I have for your talents. All of your projects of photography, drawings, paintings, etc are absolutely amazing. I often find myself sitting spellbound gazing at the beautiful details of each finished project … so inspiring and exciting to even people like me, who have trouble drawing a “smiley face” ha! Thank you for taking the time to do your blog site so that we can all keep up with you – a real blessing!!

  4. Thanks Em… remember, you were such an encouragement to me in my early years of writing and painting!! I am sure I sent you a lot of my early attempts (LOL). I don’t forget that and I want to make sure you don’t either. It makes me feel great inside that you are still a part of my growth in this creative arena because I am still sharing it with you!

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