Dissecting a Font

Typography is an interesting class, but I also think we are learning things I will never use in my entire life. Such as much of the terminology of a typed letter. While the history of type is interesting, it is probably one of those odd things from college that will stick in my head til I am 95 and be of absolutely no use to me unless I am in New York City and end up in the Cash Cab.

However, I am convinced I will remember that the curve that connects the serif  to the stem is called a bracket and that some letters have beaks while others have bowls.  And don’t even start me on the floppy ears, tails, eyes, spurs, and loops!  It is crazy intense!

Project 3 was to dissect the type and to create our own hand made type.  I preferred to practice writing with my Wacom tablet than to expend undue energy making it fancy.  Some weeks you have to make choices and this week practicing with my Wacom won out.  It is actually much more difficult than I imagined and I need all the practice I can get!

FYI – below is a Wacom tablet for those who might not be familiar with them…

So the lower example is my hand drawn font a la Wacom tablet in Adobe Illustrator.

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