What I learned this quarter

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on any great learning happening this quarter… 5 classes, several of which I have either had or even taught before.  However, it ended up providing more learning opportunities than expected!

  • Typography is a pretty cool subject! (Thanks Kevin! Great teacher!)
  • 30 hours working a job while carrying a full class load is too much (how do people do it?)
  • Syncretism in Christianity is still going on today (look at the attempt by Christian leaders to balance just how much the faithful should embrace current culture and bring it into our lives including the splits over lifestyles to the music such as Christian rock.)
  • I love history! 
  • Sculpture and architecture is much more interesting than I thought.
  • Sometimes you have to jump through hoops and spend a lot of unnecessary money to get a degree and I am working at not resenting that.
  • Web Design was the right choice after all.
  • I love writing (oh…I knew that)
  • I still do not like marketing even though I had fun with my topic.
  • Whatever made me get an Associates in Business anyway?  What was I thinking?
  • I don’t like writing scripts or much of anything to do with advertising.
  • I do love the learning experience!

Painting with Light

This one, according to the instructor, was a pleasure to view (which was my intent) but was a bit light on written content, so I took a small hit for that.  There is a lot of reading and, yes, learning that goes into these presentations.  I just need to spend more time sharing that learning.

That’s ok… I really enjoyed putting it together and have a new-found appreciation of the great medieval cathedrals! 

Click the link to view:  Painting with Light: Medieval Cathedrals

Spanish Cathedral

Typography Charity Poster Final

Create a poster in black and white for a charitable organization using typography rules of hierarchy etc.

This one was a no brainer – Indiana Sheltie Rescue!  They have been the subject of several of my projects since not only do we support them, I can get high quality photos quite easily!  Our most recent rescue, Toby, just turned 1 and he makes for a great poster pup!  What do you think?

A Nun in Medieval Times?

We had to write up what a typical day would be like for us in the Medieval times.  All the women were writing about typical farm life and I wanted to do something different (of course!)  When I got to thinking about it, I really doubted that I would be a typical farmer’s wife.  Sooo… what do you think???  Plausible?  How well do you know me?  <big grin>

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Early Christian Art – The Pagan Influence

The Good Shepherd slide

My Powerpoint tour for this week covers the first 5 centuries after Christ.  The only problem with Art History online is that we have to read a lot and assimilate the information for thousands of years in the span of 5 weeks.   This whirlwind schedule makes it harder to create a guided tour of the years we are covering each week!

This particular study was as fascinating as the Egyptian tour last week, but there was not enough time to delve deep into it.  I love history!  We get to choose our own topics.  The premise for this week’s tour is to look at how ancient mythology and cultural beliefs impacted early Christian art.  The term for that blending is “syncretism”.

You can access the full tour through the link below:


I usually tell you when a teacher gives me feedback for correcting things; however, can I put the teacher’s response in here without sounding “full of it”?  This was the most gracious feedback I think I have ever received on something I have worked hard on.  It was a thrill to read it and made the hours of research worth it!  I am humbled because I did not think it was quite that good (it was such a rush job) but I loved his appreciation!

“AWESOME WORK!  This is one of the most original tours I’ve ever gotten, and using the theme of the pagan influences on Early Christian art is simply brilliant.  What a fantastic exploration of the syncretism occurring in this early period of Christian art!  Thoroughly enjoyable read.”  Jeremy Hockett, Instructor, The Art Institute

Thank you, Mr. Hockett!!!