Art History Online

This week I ended a quite successful run with my Marketing online course and started Art History, which will last for the next 5.5 weeks. 

Day 1, today, we were supposed to post a photo and I posted my blog link but forgot the photo.  So here it is!  We took this one Sunday with 4 of my nieces /nephew. 

I think we need to rethink this whole “sit-on-Aunt-Sheri-for-our-photos” thing!  They are getting too big and I am almost burried!  And that was with the 2 little ones not even participating.  Fun though!

For other photos of me, check out the My Art tab above.  The first photo you will see is of me airbrushing a white sheet used by high school seniors here in some Indiana schools to promote their accomplishments during their athletic season.  This one was commissioned from me this past summer.  I did it for the experience… and I asked that my phone number not be given out!  I don’t have the set-up for huge pieces like that… notice, I tacked it to the fence to paint it!!!

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