Harrison College – a 2 month consulting project

Woo hoo! Don’t underestimate the power of social networking! A previous boss learned of a need at Harrison College for a “Curriculum Development Technician” and looked me up on Facebook. She sent me the contact info and personally recommended me to the project manager.

I winged off my resume on a Thursday between classes, got a call 2 hours later during Typography, and stepped out to take it. I was sitting on a table in an empty classroom hammering out the contract details when Kevin (my instructor) walked in. That was a bit amusing for me, but not necessarily for him since he had no idea what I was doing and gave a frown. (I later explained it to him.)

Hired…and started work Feb. 9. Pretty cool, eh? I am thrilled because I am so ready to be back at work and doing something that is within my competencies! School is fine, but doing “real” work is validating. My friends keep telling me that school IS my job, but somehow, it feels different.  And by the way, the work is right up my alley – organizing information and specifically instructional content, plus it is keeping me tied into the whole e-learning world from the supplier side (as opposed to the consumer side.)  Needless to say, I am loving the project.

Moral of the story:  use social networking wisely.  You never know who is watching or who might look you up and when!  I guess that goes for blogs too!

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