Egypt and the Bible

As you recall, I am working 30 hours a week, so I am learning how to balance the whole work/life/homework “thing”.  Three weeks into it and I am loving the job, though!!! 

I am also loving my art history online course. There is a lot of writing involved, however, so I am only going to upload the projects that I think my audience (that is you!) would find interesting.

The New Kingdom Slide - Abraham-Joseph

Each week we have to write a Guided Tour covering 8 pieces of art with a definable theme in the era we are studying.  This week covered the ages before Christ.  I decided to explore Egyptian culture and coorelate it to what was going on in the Old Testament.

Clicking the link below will access my Powerpoint (in PDF form).


Added later:  During Spring break I found a very interesting writeup of the time of the Exodus, who was reigning, and what was going on in politics and the changes in religion in Egypt.

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