Logos out the Wazoo!

Corporate ID is all about branding via logos.  I am not amused.  In fact, I have been dreading this course almost as much as the video class for 2 reasons: I feel very inept with the software, and I am intimidated with branding concepts. 

My request to the teacher, Beth Remsburg, is that she help me get over this intimidation and then I would view the class as a success. [Retrospective comment:  Beth did this beautifully but it took nearly all quarter!  She has got to be the best teacher at AI with the patience of a saint!]

Our first logo was around the concept of using an assigned animal as the basis for a logo.  I received an orangutan.  I did a little rework since Beth couldn’t guess what it was (and she assigned the confounded animal!), but I refuse to be embarrassed.  My focus at this school is web apps and I am not a graphic designer for a reason!  It scares me! 

One really cool thing was that many of my very favorite people were in the class with me.  Granted, they are fantastic graphic artists, which can add to the nerve-wracking aspects of taking a class with them, but that is ok… I am there to soak up their greatness and I love them dearly!  I just laugh at my struggles (when I am not crying!)

Voila… an orangutan logo in black and white and 2 color.  It is what it is, and I am not apologizing!

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