Video – A Commercial

Alex Overbeck and I teamed up for this project in which we were to create a tv commercial. 

I had the film (thanks to our Toby who can look pretty pitiful and Merry Farms Labrador Rescue) and Alex pulled the overwhelming amount of shots together into what I consider is a really nice tv commercial for the Indianapolis Humane Shelter!  He also found appropriate music. 

Yeah for teamwork!!!  My nerves calmed tremendously after this project was completed!  I won’t say I am having fun yet, but we are working our way that direction! 

What is neat is how Alex can see a shot I would consider a flop, place it in the right spot, slow it down a bit, and it works!!! That is evidenced in how he slowed Tag down and put writing over the top (the pup was running around like a ping pong ball, so I thought that was a lost shot.)

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