“Full Speed Ahead!”

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” (Anais Nin)

After much consternation, meetings with teachers, and discussions with friends, I finally changed my major to Graphic Design.  Once that decision was made this week, I have been at peace about my studies.

My web teachers keep saying how good a web design degree is… making it sound like the holy grail of any career decision.  However, my resume is strong, and business topics are easy.  Coding, while there is much to learn, is linear, predictable, and not a challenge.  It was a comfort zone choice at the time – a known entity and a safe bet.  Interactive media was to be the additive challenge. 

It is often hard to let go of what is known to step out into the unknown.  Graphic Design is a big risk for me career wise, yet it pulls on something deep within where I live.  I have never worked in the graphic arena.   It uses soft skills as well as technical.  There is nothing linear about it.  It is creative, which can be unpredictable and elusive.  And both sides of the brain will be engaged in a way I have not experienced before on a business level. 

This move scares me, it thrills me, it challenges and excites me.  I have doubts that I can do it and specters of the fear of failure that sometimes haunt me.  It is new territory that will push my limits, challenge me to always be better, frustrate me and maybe even make me cry at times.  There may never be that point of satisfaction that I get with technical writing knowing I met all the rules, the page is precise, the code clean, and the project was the best.  Yet I know, deep down, I will grow and expand and be more than I have been before. 

I am ready for it.  I feel excited and alive as never before!  The time is right and the time is now to do something positive with the precious creative gift granted to me by Divine design.

Admiral Farragut’s bold charge keeps coming to mind:

Damn the torpedos!  Full speed ahead!

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