Easier Quarter

This quarter has been the first break I have had in a year.  We are not learning anything stressful in the one class, I learned nothing in my online Web Marketing class (because I have been involved with real web marketing for years…so that was a waste of money, which was actually sad), and so it was left up to the html/css class to challenge me during the first half of the quarter.

Fortunately, Jason (html instructor), slowed down this quarter with only 2 hour lectures as opposed to the previous 4 hours.   Some of it actually stuck in my head and by mid quarter I was able to produce the following re-work of the Indiana Sheltie Rescue site.  It was a challenge of my limited skills, but a thrill to work on!

On a side note, there are some glaring (to me) design issues, but I still made 100% on the project.  I hope to continue developing the site, and as I get better with the Adobe software and html, I will fix the design elements that are bugging me.  All in all, though, I like the overall effect.

The following 3 pages are the only ones I completed, but here is the beginning stages of that site in html:  Indiana Sheltie Rescue

Proposed home page

Volunteer page

Adoptable Shelties page

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