Electronic Design Final

This was an amazing online class!  Fellow students were fully engaged and the instructor actually taught us (and seemed to enjoy it!)  He stands out as one of my best online instructors and has raised the bar for any future instructors!

Remember, for this class we have a single client.  Mine is Squangles, my own business in which I have partnered with poet, Charlotte Franck, to create unique children’s designs on furniture.


  • Demonstrate typographical hierarchy and best practices 
  • Marketing:  display a giveaway
  • 4 pages
  • use a grid
  • and a few other incidentals (font choice is from a previous week’s discussion, a well as the logo)

I also chose this one because in all my tallying of the various polls and feedback, 1 and 3 tied.  However, the teacher chose #2 and I decided to go with that and see what I could do with my least favorite of the 3 designs.  It gives my business a very different feel than I originally was thinking, but I ended up loving it.  Tell me what you think!

Now I am really wanting to code the thing in Flash!  Crazy!  Aaarrgghhhh… I think there is more of a geek in me than I want to admit!

There is one thing I would change if I ever take it “live” – I would add my illustrations to each page.  That would kick it up a notch, I think.  Black and white outline, or maybe my puppy… something simple yet “me”.

2 thoughts on “Electronic Design Final

  1. I still like #1 best, but this version IS quite fun, which is a good reflection of the really fun painted furniture. The information stands out a bit more so it isn’t as gallery-like as #1, so maybe from a marketing standpoint it is the better of the three. Good work!

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