Fall Break – the zoo (again!)

The zoo is a favorite Indy destination of mine and I hope you enjoy it too since I will be going there a lot with my membership.  This time, Rachel Leigh joined me and we spent a day downtown before before classes start up on Monday.

However… we hit the zoo early and found that there were few visitors and the animals were up and about!  There is always something different to see no matter when you go, but during the week early before lunch has to be one of the best times for catching the animals and avoiding the crowds!

So if you enjoy zoo photos…here are a few for you. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also visited the Eiteljorg once again… they have added 2 new exhibits, one which is by Robert Griffing, (an Art Institute of Pittsburg graduate!  I take my online classes through that facility.) When here with the kids last week, we went through these a bit too quickly so I wanted to return. Rachel and I had a lot of fun critiquing the 2010 paintings on exhibit and examining the history behind Robert’s paintings.

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