Feast of the Hunters’ Moon

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My greatest inspiration for painting comes from nature and life around me. My greatest inspiration for living comes from sharing life with “my kids”.  Mix the two and you have a winning combination, in my book.

The Saturday before classes would start up heralded a favorite outdoor Fall activity and this time my sister and her kids joined me. The Feast of the Hunters’ Moon on the Wabash river near Lafayette, Indiana, is a family activity that is very interactive for all age levels.  For the kids, it was a living history lesson and will be counted for one of their homeschool trips.  For me it was a delightful opportunity to experience the world once again through their eyes. 

As for the camera work… well, it was difficult to do with one hand being gripped so tightly by a 6 year old, but I managed to get Nathanael to let go a few times in order to get some shots.

Click here to learn more about this annual activity.

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