The Invitation: Final Photoshop Montage

Throughout the online Adv. Digital Imaging course, one of our assignments was to work on a project, applying that week’s learning, until by week 5 we each had an interesting poster. We had to include a poem or phrase and 3 photos of our own (preferrably).

I chose Charlotte’s poem, a photo of myself (this will be changed once I get a good photo of the 3 of us out to dinner sometime!), a photo I took of Charlotte and Lainey sharing a cup of tea (out of a teacup from a set a good friend gave us), and a sunset from our trip to Marco Island.

To bring cohesion to the piece as well as to keep it simple so the words wouldn’t get lost, I changed the opacity of a couple photos and made them more of a sepia (honey) color.  I also applied a background texture that was all scratched up, which shows through the sunset layer with it’s lower opacity, giving the piece a mildly grungy or old look.

There is more I want to do to this… but it is a great start. I enjoyed working on it.

As of this week, the class is over, dropping me down to 3 classes through mid-December. This was a purposeful choice as it will give me more time to enjoy the holidays! I am so looking forward to them!

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