Home Depot Print Ad

For Design Layout we were assigned a business and instructed to create a print ad using the almighty grid as our guide. 7 products with info and one product needs to be featured. I used the grid, but purposefully “broke” it in several places.

Sometimes finding the right picture to illustrate the concept and then making that picture work is the hardest part.  I wanted one of the dogs with the leaves and this one from 2007 was my best option (ie the project is finished and bagged.) If I had known this 3 weeks ago, I could have gotten some fresh photos with the exact look I was going for… but it works! Thanks, Bailey (and Charlotte)!

The lesson I am learning this quarter… take loads of photos from different angles if there is even the remotest possibility it could be used later on for an assignment!

Follow up with class feedback: I should have made it larger. I constrained it to a specific size which was a bit small. The products feel like they are floating, so with more space I could have done a lot more with this.

Side note: The week I finished this I had messed up my back really bad… creativity was so not happening, nor was I sitting for long periods or even concentrating well. Now that I am feeling better… we will see if I can be a bit more inspired on the next project!

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