Branding: Logo Me Round 1

In Corporate Communications we began the process of branding ourselves. This will take weeks, so this week we tackled discovering our values and creating 3 symbolic logos in rough form.

We interviewed people from 3 different roles in our lives (I chose a sister, a close friend, and a peer-student-friend).  Probably my biggest suprise was how my student-friend was so perceptive and caught things about me that I had no idea were noticable, such as my “concern for justice” and “makes concepts clear and understandable to others”. Both of those are huge drivers in my life, but not necessarily obvious (from one student to another, anyway.) I also liked how my sister said “classy vs. cheesy work” (no kitsch here!) and a friend said I am like a “laser beam”.   My perceptive student-friend also commented “not complacent or too comfortable.”  I laughed at that one and couldn’t help commenting that I am “not likely to allow that in anyone around me, either.”

This all boiled down to 7 core values. Pretty much the same ones I have had for years, but it is good to rework this process periodically. Sometimes one or two might change depending upon life’s circumstances.

At that point, I created a brand dimensions map using 7 attributes derived from the values activity. Beth asked that we visually show it, as well as use words. Since Relationship is at the core of everything I do, from spirituality to business to being creative, I started with the crucial component of integrity and wrapped my attributes around and flowing into Relationship.

I then thumbnailed and brainstormed until I came up with requisite 3 logos in rough form.

Working with the premise of a whirlwind (another term I was given through my interviewing…at least it was not a tornado which is destructive!) I ended up with my stylized initials:

Then I took the infinity symbol and played around with it until I had it looking like a paint brush. I put three spots of paint with it representing body/mind/soul as well as perfection and Divinity (3 is a strong number for me.)

Then the final one came when I was adjusting a triangle. A triangle is my personality shape, if you remember from previous attempts at logos. One flick of the wrist and I had a brush (stroke) with it. I stopped there before I messed it up. This one is my favorite. It will be interesting to see if it still works once I move through the branding process over the next few weeks. 

We each had to present our values, map, and logos to the class. Any thoughts?

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