Branding: Logo Me Round 2

Self branding adds a complexity to an already intense process and once again I was a bit slow on the uptake. However, when the breakthrough happened, I was pleased with the outcome. You can see how far this came from the previous Logo Me Round 1 posting. 

Pieces of this process included painting, drawing, inking the triangle logo until I found something I liked. The rough, hand drawn rendering was a conscious choice even though I love a smooth look. Beth (instructor) pointed out this truly reflects “me” and brings my fine arts into my logo / identity.

With a lot of help on the color study, I landed on the brown (earth/stability/natural) for the open (welcoming) triangle and blue splash (water / creativity / life).

The naming was also difficult, but I liked studio33 because it can represent all of my art, as opposed to locking me into one aspect of it such as graphic design or fine art. I also solicited a lot of help on the font choice which is Fontin.

Eventually the tagline was added and became more than a tagline, as you will see in subsequent postings.

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