Final Cat Project Touchpoints

Having settled on a logo, I began to develop the brand for the the Rescue Me cat rescue center (a fictitious “zoo” homework project for Media Design that I have used to brainstorm ideas for a local cat rescue group that is in need of a logo and new website.)  It was a lot of fun!

Itsy Bitsy and Mitsy... my 3 iconic cats

As a part of the project we had to take the logo and develop the brand across 7 touchpoints.

A touchpoint is anything that is seen by others and is meant to represent the brand.  A couple of examples would be the front of the building or a map that is handed out at a zoo etc.

Click on the presentation link below to see all the touchpoints, which includes a van, a membership card, a website with 4 pages, and an event poster, as well as the two examples above:


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