Final Cat Project Touchpoints

Having settled on a logo, I began to develop the brand for the the Rescue Me cat rescue center (a fictitious “zoo” homework project for Media Design that I have used to brainstorm ideas for a local cat rescue group that is in need of a logo and new website.)  It was a lot of fun!

Itsy Bitsy and Mitsy... my 3 iconic cats

As a part of the project we had to take the logo and develop the brand across 7 touchpoints.

A touchpoint is anything that is seen by others and is meant to represent the brand.  A couple of examples would be the front of the building or a map that is handed out at a zoo etc.

Click on the presentation link below to see all the touchpoints, which includes a van, a membership card, a website with 4 pages, and an event poster, as well as the two examples above:


Library Assignment

Library assignments always involve research and references and we get one in every class. Once in a while we get to do something creative with our writing. This example is for Media Design. We researched 3 different creative jobs, wrote about them, and then put the information into a 2 page magazine layout. This was then mounted and turned in.

Cat Logos Galore – 3

Final step with a logo is to narrow it down to the one you wish to use and then perform a color study.

I know there are “cuter” logos amongst my collection, but I chose this one because of the opportunity for growth that it holds. It is simple, clean, basic in form, and gives me options for playing off of the tail, as you will see in my final post. It can also grow with the business no matter if they take on dogs (which they sometimes do) or any products they might sell. The RM stands for Rescue Me, the organization I am working with. I chose to continue using that name to simplify what I was doing for classwork.

From that point we do a color study…

And finally, the finished product shown in the chosen colors, the pantone colors identified, and shown in a 1″ size to demonstrate how it would be seen at that smaller size.

Ice Storm!!!

The first week of Feb. I think we had an ice storm that beat all within living memory. It also closed down school for a few days, which gave me my first break this quarter. It was a hugely welcome break, but I ended up working harder busting up ice on the driveway. We had 6 – 8 inches of sleet/ice on every level surface. This stuff was hard as rock. My brother was even able to drive a tractor on top of it!

The most harrowing part was using a mallet to bust 4 inches plus of ice off of Lainey’s new Lexus. It makes me shudder even now and has made me determined to tear down my studio in the garage so she can bring the car inside next winter. All three of us worked hard on the drive just to clear a path. Then it snowed. The sky just kept on giving.

That ice stayed around and was a hassle for 2 weeks before unseasonably warm days (50 – 65F) worked their magic on it. If it hadn’t, the piles would have stayed until Spring!

Cat Logos Galore!

In Design Media we are branding a zoo of our choice for the first 5 weeks. Since I am also working with a charitable client that is in cat rescue, I opted to make this project a cat rescue “zoo” and explore some options for my client.

The first step was to write a creative brief and thumbnail many options. I enjoy the sketching!

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