Social Media: It’s not just for fun

As a part of our Portfolio Prep class, Zeb Wood (teacher)  had a guest speaker (Tyler Burgardt, co-founder of Indiana Uploaded) talk to the class about the role of social media in creating an online brand and how it impacts the job search in the new millennium. The resume is not enough anymore.

If you have not Googled yourself lately, you may want to give it a try. Over 79% of employers now google applicants to review their online information. You will want to know what they are finding! How we are seen online can make or break a job opportunity.

As a fallout of the presentation, a couple of us began creating pages and cleaning up our LinkedIn profiles.

See my new page.

See my fellow student Steven Ray Brown’s page. Love this guy and the work he does!



If you want more information about branding and the social media role in job hunting:

Book: ME 2.0 (on Amazon)

51 Resources from Mashable (I especially like the infographics)

For those who prefer to read text in a quick format: 10 Tips for Job Searching

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