Fortune 500 Company Rebrand

Project: Rebrand a Fortune 500 company.

Choice: ManpowerGroup (because I believe in companies such as Manpower who put people to work.)

Note: Over 20 years ago I took a summer and worked for Kelly Temporary with the request to be placed on their shortest projects (normally the ones noone wants.) My idea was to experience as much of Indianapolis as I could. And I did! That experience garnered me marketable skills as well as a number of job offers from companies such as Simon Group, Eli Lilly, Anthem, and IUPUI. (I took a job at IUPUI – Office of Otolaryngology – as an Assistant Supervisor of Accounting.)

As I investigated ManpowerGroup, I fell in love with them. I would recommend anyone looking for work to give them a chance!

Manpower is doing great as number 1 in the US and in the top world-wide in their market. They also went through a recent re-brand, so there was a question as to whether I wanted to tackle the newly revamped project. However, I still believe they could be made to feel warmer and more personable, so I re-worked the logo to give a sense of energy and upward movement.

From much research came a SWOT, Brand Brief, Creative Brief, etc. and then I created multiple additional items to complete the package (a few of which I included below):

  • Brand Book
  • Advertisements
  • Annual Report
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Website Design
  • Ap icon
  • Billboard

Brand Book

Annual Report




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