Biology was interesting, easy, and uneventful and since it was online, it ended in 5.5 weeks. The class consisted of discussion questions and writing short reports. However, I did get to use my own photography on most of the reports! When I wrote about ecosystems, I chose the Florida mangroves and shared photos from last summer. When writing about drugs, I chose Benadryl and took my own photos from my wide arsenal of Benadryl. When talking about a mammal, I chose a sea lion and used a photo I took of my nephew at the zoo (when he was watching a sea lion).

And when it was time to talk about the skeletal system, I used my own work from my Life Drawing sketchbook.

I did get a chance to draw some quick illustrations on Photoshop of various cells. Nothing exciting as I was just trying to get it done, but that was interesting.

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