A break in the action

The first 5.5 weeks of the quarter gave me my first break in over 2 years. I have 2 ground classes (Illustration and a basic Business class) and one easy online (Biology). They all kept me busy but the intense creative pressure was eased.

This sudden relief was like opening the floodgates to my life that had been sucked out of me and it came rushing in like a tsunami, overwhelmingly and consuming! The next thing I knew I could not get enough of job hunting activities, reading business books, and cooking! Yes, cooking! And I am loving it.

I discovered a gluten free blogger (The Gluten-Free Goddess) who has the most delightful way of combining flavors and making every meal feel delectably adventurous and exotic. Charlotte joined my foray into this foreign land and together we were cooking up 2-3 new recipes a week. Suddenly gluten free has become the most enjoyable eating experience I have ever known.

Add to that my love of photography and of adventure sharing and I have had a very active Facebook photobook! Is this my new blog topic once school is over? Maybe.

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