A new and exciting job!

At the end of February Artisan  , a creative staffing firm I had been trying to meet up with, sent me (sight unseen) to an interview with one of their clients. The next day I was offered a job! This was after hitting the job hunting trail for the previous 4-6 weeks and, while I spoke to a lot of consulting and staffing firms, nothing had happened. So needless to say, my head was spinning at how fast life can change.

Since I am reporting this 4 weeks later, I can say that I am thoroughly enjoying the job. It is challenging, the project is huge, and it landed on the top of 2 online design classes and 2 ground. That made it super challenging.

In addition, our group is introducing a new way of presenting the information technology group’s activities to the entire organization, and also a new way of doing business to over 10,000 employees across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Those of you who know me know that my two favorite things are communicating and organizing. Next, I absolutely love startups or newly forming companies or groups. This company is huge and has multiple companies within it; yet it mimics a newly forming company since they are beginning to pull these silo groups under the umbrella holding company and introducing a more corporate attitude to how they do business.

I was hired by a newly formed information technology group to work as a coordinator with the marketing department to brand the group and create the communications portion of their projects. The first initiative is a rollout of Office 2007 to their entire organization. The second is a 2 year rollout of brand new computers (as well as the attending peripherals such as printers, scanners, etc.) across the organization. That is 10k computers to locations all across the US, Canada, and Mexico. It is a huge initiative. I find it exciting.

Change. I thrive on change. And while the older I get the more I question that concept (and almost long for at least some routine),  I find I still love the thrill. Also, if any of you remember, it was the fear of routine that sent me on this wild college ride in the first place!

So… yes, I thrive on change. Although I seriously thought it was going to kill me with 2 online design courses and 2 ground classes going on at the same time as a new and very challenging consulting job, somehow I survived and am now looking forward to being able to concentrate on the job.

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