August Update

Hummingbird Moth / Bee

Ever since graduating in June, I have been questioning whether to dismantle this blog.

These past months I have continued as a full time Communications Specialist in the consulting project I accepted in February. The project has evolved into a lot of technical IT writing and not so much designing. The break from intense creativity after graduation has been good… but I am ready to begin adding more creative projects back into my schedule.

In the meantime, it is a Canon Rebel camera and the butterfly bush in the back yard that are providing me with the greatest pleasure this summer.

There is a possibility my love of photography may drive a new creative blog. I am knocking around some topic ideas and contemplating next steps, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, visit my new website and enjoy a taste of my current photography via the photos below:

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


Painted Lady

Variegated Fritillary

Mourning Cloak

2 thoughts on “August Update

  1. Very little tiem to write anymore….But will try to get a letter off soon. I loved seeing the butterflies pics…Philip had a beautiful camera, was chronicaling his little girls growth for the past several months, but the camera was stolen along with all his other electronics, from his home last Friday while he was at work….he may have found two of the items in a pawn shop yesterday and is going back to day with more info to secure the items if they are his, and we are praying the camera will be returned. We are the most saddened by the loss of his pictures as we feel they belonged to the family. He never had prints made yet for us and didn’t have them all downloaded on his computer, but it was stolen too, with his nook and the flat screen TV, games, etc. We think they were surprised by someone pulling into the driveway as it looked they were planning on taking things piled on the table…but the Lord knows all about it. Just glad he and Jenna were OK, as in his neighborhood there’s an abundance of crime. Must get going…busy day ahead..I’m into writing and have lesson 9 about to go out and 3 more to go. It’s to sharpen my writing skills for publication. I love doing this, don’t like deadlines, and find it very hard to meet them because of things going on with family, etc. But I’ll finish the course, and then see what the Lord has for me in the future, should He tarry. God bless you. I’m excited you’ve finished your studies…you’re such an intelligent, creative girl! I know God can use the many gifts He’s given you to bring glory and honor to him. I know I’m blessed by your works and your inspiration….May you have a fantastic weekend enjoying family and friends. Love to the two ladies who grace your dwelling too….May your friendships grow and may you all grow in the Lord and His Word…Love you Sher, Sis Grant.

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