Packaging Final

The packaging class ended with an excruciating fizzle… I pinched a nerve in my back so I could not sit during finals week! I missed my last day in a business class and 3 days of work. I hate it when that happens and it happens when I sit for 18 hours a day working on the computer in bad chairs.

So, while I could not finish it the way I was hoping, I did complete a package… barely. It was a toss up as to whether I just take the hit and get a C or actually push to at least get a B. I literally cried all the way through this one. When I was ready to quit, my roomies kept encouraging me.

This is a class that with enough time, I would have easily gotten an A because the teacher allowed us to redo our work after we received feedback. However, that week I was barely able to get my first drafts turned in. Very, very painful. Four weeks later and I am finally feeling fine, although I am still being very careful not to do anything to aggravate it. 2 weeks of daily chiropractor visits and then 3 days a week, and now 2 days a week.

At this point in time, I am still not sure if it was worth it for this particular class. One thing I have learned, these past 3 years, is what it means to push myself beyond what I thought  I was physically and mentally capable of accomplishing. Amazing how I have overcome stressors that before I never thought possible.

Part of the requirements on this were the handle and the die cut. I disliked the distinct color change between the computer color and the actual printout on the final, which was more orange, but I gave that detail up in the interest of being able to present a finished piece. Normally I would have tweaked and reprinted until this was perfect with my vision.

That is another skill I have learned – how and when to make the proper compromises, what to fight for and what to let go of.

Here are the final results for Packaging:

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